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Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover

Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover

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Remove fuzz & smoothen fur! Easy to restore the fabrics to a fresh new look with Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover!

Our amazing Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover is a comprehensive solution specifically designed to help you remove lint, pet fur, pilling, fuzz and fluff from your clothes, upholstery, and many other surfaces, while smoothening the fur with ease.

Save your old clothes! Give your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave without damaging the fabric whilst keeping them clean, soft, and looking like new.

  • Removing pilling and bobbling from clothes
  • Revitalizing furniture, couch and sofas
  • Removing stubborn pet hair from carpets and car upholstery
  • Cleaning fuzz, fluff and lint from jackets, coats and outwear
  • Smoothening the fur on the clothes

Double Function
The Pure Copper Blade - quickly remove the hairballs on the clothes
The Round Brush Head - smoothen the fur and hair easily without harming the clothes.

Easy to Use & Time-Saving
Instantly and easily removes pet and human hair, crumbs, pills, fluff, bobbles or lint without damaging the fabric.

Suitable to clean your sweaters, curtains, couch, carpet, blankets, bed sheets, upholstery and more.

100% Battery-Free
No more batteries wasted unlike battery operated cloth shavers which fail to continuously bring strong power, this Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover has stable and constant strong power to remove lint balls.

Premium Quality and Durable
Pure copper head, ensures a long service time. No trouble with how many times you can use your Lint Remover.

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